domingo, 8 de julio de 2007

Cover Letter

reda Grant

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Dear Ms. Grant:

How are you?

I am writing in response to your ad for a Graphic Presentation Assistant, posted on the website July 1, 2007.

As you can see from my resume and portfolio, I have acquired quite a bit of experience with product graphics and presentation coordination,
Marketing and Advertising.

I know that you also require someone with a BFA in Graphics in addition to the Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft application skills. Although my degree is in Industrial, rather than Graphic, Design, marketing and publish most of my roles in projects at school have finely tuned my graphic capabilities. I hope that you'll agree after viewing my portfolio images.

I would love to work with QUALITY; I have long been a fan of your forward thinking product development work. I feel that with your company I will be able to continue my professional growth, both as a graphic designer and a production specialist.

I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at this email address ( ), or by telephone at 212-555-3825. I will try to follow up with you to make sure you've received everything you need.


Raúl Manzanilla

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